Saturday, 29 December 2012

How to connect GPRS in china mobile

Step 1:

1.Goto settings.
2.CONNECTION->Data accounts.
4.Account name(any name you wish to have).
5.APN->(your accesspoint name e.g."").
6.username and password->(leave it blank).
7.Auth. Typd->Normal.

Now you have successfully configured the internet settings in your phone.Now follow step2 to finish the process to connect to Internet.


1.After editing the settings save and go back for once.
2.Goto Wap settings.
3.Under Wap profiles select CHINA MOBILE WAP.
4.Edit and give home page to
7.Data accounts->select the Data account you saved in step1.
8.Save and Back.
9.Profile settings->select the wap profile you saved in the previous step.
10.Goto your wap browser and select Goto Homepage.HOPE you see Google home page.

Friday, 28 December 2012

How to set HOME variable in windows 7

You need to add an environment variable: This is how i did it on windows 7 and it will be the same for window 8 too.
  • Click start button.
    1. Right click "Computer"
    2. Click "Properties"
    3. Click "Advanced System Settings"
    4. "Environment variables" in "Advanced" tab.
    5. Click the "New" button to create a new variable under user variables pane.
    6. Enter "HOME" in the name field
    7. Enter "%USERPROFILE%" or some other path in the value field. (HOME should point to your home directory e.g. C:\Users\Tom. Ensure correct case!                                                              E.g. "C:\users" instead of "C:\Users" may cause problems!)
    8. Click OK, and OK again. Hurray! You have just added the Home directory on Windows.