Thursday, 19 February 2015

How to get rid of mdi064.dll Windows startup error message?

Every morning I just start up my PC just to see a bunch of popups and malware dll's starting up. However I happened to clean up all of 'em except this loner "mdi064.dll",

The message read:
            "There was a problem starting          
              The specific module could not be found"

And I was really frustrated about this little popup and din't know how to get rid of it anyway. Some sites suggested that I download and run a full system scan of the free version of MalwarebytesSo, I want to know where these startup programs run from and I found the msconfig command to see the list of starup programs that start with Windows.

Some info about why this is a Malware:
  •   The library "mdi064.dll" has been detected as malware by 8 anti-virus scanners.
  •   It is automatically set to start up on every windows logon via the current user registry key 'tsiVideo'
Now, How to disable this item from starting up?.

     Windows key + R and type the run command "msconfig"

And press Enter key, and now you will see "System configuration utility" interface

Check for this "tsiVideo" Startup item and disable it(Remove the checkbox). This is the bugger which contains the startup link to the mdi064.dll file located at "C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\\". Since its detected as a malware and deleted by your antivirus software, it will no longer be available at that location and shows the dll file is missing.

After disabling this item, restart the computer to take effect. And you will no longer see this weird popup again.

If you still facing this problem or if the above steps solved your problem please leave a comment. I'll be at your help anytime.

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